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Muzzle Attachments: Muzzle Brakes, Flash Hiders, and Compensators

You might be looking for a muzzle device for your new rifle, or maybe you’ve just come across the terms before and want to know what they mean and whether or not they’re worthwhile additions to your arsenal. Muzzle brakes, flash hiders, and compensators are not the same thing, although sometimes they’re used interchangeably. We’ll explain exactly what differentiates each of these three accessories from one another, then give you some pointers to let you know if they’d be something you should pick up. Let’s start with some definitions.   Muzzle Brakes Muzzle brakes, put simply, are attachments which are placed at the end of your weapon’s muzzle that reduce recoil. How, you might ask? Well, muzzle brakes redirect high-pressure and high...  Read More

Why should you shoot a competition?

So You Want to Start Shooting Competitively Just the other day I was on Facebook when an old acquaintance posted about wanting to start shooting competitively, but is looking for someone to join him. The interesting thing about this post was this wasn’t the first time he was talking about getting into it. We all want someone to join us when we do something new for the first time. The problem with that is we wait for others to join and end up never following through on ourselves. My best advice if you’re interested in shooting competitively is to sign up for a match. The rest you can figure out later, but it helps you stay committed to following through. Choose one type of competition to get started at that won’t intimidate you to the...  Read More

.224 Valkyrie

In a time when innovation in the firearms community is hard to come by, Federal dropped a huge bomb on us in the winter of 2018. Shot Show 2018 was an awesome launching pad for the .224 Valkyrie, because after the show everybody with access to a 500 yard or better range, and a thousand dollars wanted a rifle chambered in the caliber. While the caliber was released prior to Shot, the show seems to be the spark that ignited the wild fire that was .224 Valkyrie barrel sales. Long range shooters rejoiced at a small, wind resistant bullet that could be launched from a semi-auto platform. Plus, it was shiny and new, and everybody had to have it.   Where did .224 Valkyrie come from? The good folks at Federal decided that they wanted to find ...  Read More

Concealed Carry Weapons for Women: Basic Considerations

More women are considering purchasing concealed carry weapons than ever before. Among all the essential considerations of training, obtaining the legal permits, and deciding whether to purse carry or holster carry, the decision of primary importance is which gun to buy. Thankfully, there is no reason that the decision of which gun to purchase has to come first in the process.  In fact, a proper training class according to local jurisdictional carry permit requirements is a great first step.  In the meantime, there are plenty of different choices to consider for a concealed carry weapon.  In fact, there are so many choices that getting started with shopping might seem overwhelming.  The choice of concealed carry weapon depends entirely o...  Read More

Brand Spotlight: The Arex reX Zero 1 9mm Handgun

Arex has been in the self-defense industry for more than 20 years, manufacturing top-of-the-line parts for defense companies. In 2005, Arex stepped into the world of firearm production with a bang. Garnering rave reviews from trusted sources, this company is fast becoming a household name in the United States. REX zero 1 was the first pistol to be designed and manufactured in-house, but Arex now produces several models of the ReX Zero, all in a 9mm and geared toward various uses and shooter preferences.   About the company Arex is a Slovenian based company that is dedicated to developing premiere defense products. They concentrate on using state-of-the-art, precision CNC machining to make handgun manufacturing more exact. Private...  Read More

Mossberg Shockwave or Remington Tac-14?

What makes these two weapons so different from other shotguns, and why is everyone talking about them? Well, for one, they’re not shotguns. And for another, they’re both exceptional firearms that are a blast to use. They’re both very similar in style and purpose, so we’ll examine both the Mossberg Shockwave and the Remington Tac-14 to see what all the fuss is about and if either is better than the other.   Let’s Talk Stocks What’s the big deal with both of these weapons and their stocks, anyway? If you’ve paid any attention at all to the gun market in the recent past, you’ve probably seen these two weapons discussed in relation to their special classification status. Let me explain. U.S. law is very strict about what it considers to...  Read More

Top Choices For Everything .45 ACP

Hey guys, we’re covering products today to get you a really nice concealed carry outfit for .45 ACP.  My favorite all-time pistol is a full-size 1911; it’s too large for me to concealed carry, but there are multiple other choices if you prefer to carry this power-punching, knock down caliber. I recently read that, on average, you fire just 2 shots in most self-defense situations. So the capacity of your concealed carry weapon really isn’t the limiting factor in most cases. A 230gr hollow-point .45 ACP certainly looks like a better option than a 150gr 9mm, but you do lose capacity. The choice is up to you. That’s a trade-off many people are prepared to make. It’s a good idea to have at least one .45 ACP handgun in your concealed carry c...  Read More

Being Prepared In The Outdoors

It goes without saying that Earth is full of beauty that fills us with awe, inspiration, and joy just by going outside. What's even better is when we step off the beaten path and see the expanses of wilderness seemingly untouched by human hands. Each of us can relate that while doing some exploring, getting lungs full of fresh air, gaining a clear mind, and witnessing the beauty of nature by taking it all in, it's easy to let our guards down. In those precious moments the inspiration and joy can suddenly transform into life-threatening fear, staring into the cold eyes of an uncertain future. Whether we're hikers, mountain bikers, hunters, photographers, or simply just outdoor enthusiasts- it's imperative to our own personal safety that w...  Read More

The Down Low On Adjustable Gas Blocks

If you watch cool guys on YouTube shredding steel targets to get your tactical fix a least a couple times a week, you’ll quickly notice that most of them have adjustable gas blocks on their AR-15’s. Usually it’s mentioned in passing as they tell you what every part on their rifle is, but it’s there. What’s the deal with them? Why do you want one? What are you going to do once you have one? Why are you being asked so many questions? Ok, let’s first start of with the differences between a traditional, or fixed, gas block and the super ultra-tactical adjustable version.   Fixed Blocks VS Adjustable Fixed gas blocks have a fixed hole with no adjustment that transfers gas exiting the gas port on the barrel to the gas tube causing the bol...  Read More

Pheasants For The First Time

The crisp, cool air came across the Iowa tallgrass, the sunlight glinting off the dew now frozen in place. I stepped onto Melissa, Highland Hideaway Hunting Preserve’s field selection for my first pheasant hunt. Resisting the urge to flee back into of the warmth of my friend’s Silverado I took the supplied Beretta 391 out of its case, loaded the magazine with Fiocchi’s Golden Pheasant #5 shells, took one last drink of my caffeinated beverage, and headed out into the great unknown. Ok so it wasn’t necessarily the “great” unknown, but I had no idea what to expect. Not only was this my first ever pheasant hunt, this was the first time I had ever hunted any bird. Luckily I had the assistance of a professional guide, Kreig Jacque, and his wo...  Read More

Tactical Lever Guns

Since the expiration of the clinton (left lowercase on purpose) assault weapons ban the United States commercial market has dug deep into the proliferation of the AR-15 and in doing so has engaged in technological advancements to gain the edge over other manufacturers in the space. Everything has changed in the last 20 years, manufacturing techniques, material science, coatings, even end user expectations. Once you have a taste of those capabilities with a single rifle it is a logical progression to apply the same technological advancements to other platforms. Enter the tactical lever action rifle.   The craze in tactical lever guns can be tracked partially due to the fact they just look cool. This is especially true of the high cont...  Read More

What you need to know about pistol braces

What are Pistol Braces? Earlier this decade a great American, Alex Bosco, took a buddy of his to the range. Alex, a military veteran, and his buddy, a disabled vet, must have been having a heck of a time shooting their AR pistol because Alex got a wild hair up his rear end and decided to invent a product to make things easier. At the time, the only way to help make an AR pistol comfortable to shoot was to put a piece of foam over a featureless buffer tube. To help make the gun easier to shoot for his buddy, he created a rubberized brace with a Velcro strap that would replace the buttstock of an AR 15, attach to the buffer tube, and strap to the shooter’s forearm. The AR pistol was not a new concept, but it wasn’t a popular option until ...  Read More

Is a Holosun Optic right for me?

Over the past few years there has been a growing following of Holosun optics. Their red dot rifle sights have been gaining the attention of many shooters as a less expensive alternative what has been considered the only options in red dots for serious use, Aimpoint or EOTech. Some of the optics even resemble the Aimpoint Micro at first glance but make no mistake that this is truly its own animal with its own features and growing reputation. There are those who sing praises of Holosun, while others go to great lengths to make sure that anything challenging Aimpoint, EOTech, or even Trijicon, is put squarely back to its place in line behind them. It is of the opinion of this writer that there is absolutely no way I would go to a combat zo...  Read More